Koi enables .net CMS-components to work perfectly with different CSS-Frameworks determined by the layout / theme.
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Dnn Connect Koi.sln


Connect.Koi - Styling with multiple CSS Frameworks

Koi is a solution for CMS components to dynamically adjust their output to the CSS-Framework of the current page. In other words, a component can ask the page "what CSS framwork are you using?" and vary the output accordingly.

It currently has an implementation for DNN/DotNetNuke 7 - 9 - see wiki, and we would appreciate implementations for Umbraco, NopCommerce, Orchard, OrchardCore and other .net platforms.

How to install & use

Depending on your needs or the CMS-Framework you're targeting, you will do different things. All is documented on connect-koi.net.

For .net 4.5.1 & .net Core / Standard 2.0 and DNN 7.0+

Koi is built to run with

  • .net 4.5.1
  • .net Core & Standard 2.0
  • DNN 7 / 8 / 9 (as an installable module)

The root project Koi with the namespace Connect.Koi will compile to .net 4.5.1 and .net Standard 2.0. If you want to contribute an implementation for another CMS, this is where you start.

The testing project Connect.Testing.Koi runs unit-tests on Connect.Koi.

The DNN implementation Connect.Dnn.Koi extends Koi with the detection mechanisms as they are needed in the platform DNN / DotNetNuke and generates an installable ZIP package for DNN 7-9.