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Contribute to DNN Docs

Thanks for being awesome & contributing to DNN Docs! Our community is better because of your contributions... let's get started.

DNN Docs on GitHub

GitHub is a web-based hosting service for version control using Git. If you're not familiar with Git and/or GitHub, no worries! Having our documentation center on GitHub brings many benefits to our community as we can now build DNN documentation in the open, together, as a community. If you see areas for improvement or gaps in the documentation, you can easily update and/or fill those gaps. DNN Docs will be a living and breathing, community generated, collection of awesome learning materials moving forward.

DNN Docs are located on GitHub at

How DNN Docs are Generated

The DNN Docs system uses DocFx, Markdown, and GitHub to ultimately output a staticly generated site, which is currently located at You don't have to understand the components that are used to generate the Docs in order to contribute.

Authoring & Editing Content in DNN Docs

There are two primary ways to contribute to the documentation on this website. DNN Docs can be updated in the browser in GitHub and also locally on one's machine. The latter is only necessary if you're making complex edits and maybe are more technical.

Editing in GitHub

If you are just updating text, typos, or adding a few sentences it may be easiest to edit the content directly from GitHub's browser. If you wish to edit directly in the browser check out the Editing DNN Docs Online in GitHub. Be sure to also check out the Markdown Guide to DocFX to ensure you're formatting the code correctly.

Editing Using DocFX

If you are making more complex edits you may want to get DNN Docs running on your local machine. In this case, after getting DNN Docs running locally, you'll follow the Editing DNN Docs Locally guide.

Helpful Links

  • How to Edit an Article
  • How to Edit Source Code Comments
  • How to Submit a New Topic
  • Markdown Guide to DocFX

The Team Behind DNN Docs

Kelly Ford leads a small core team behind the DNN Documentation Center. This group put in countless hours to convert the old and outdated DNN Docs Center into an open and transparent Docs Center.

DNN Docs Team Members:

Learn More

To learn more about the journey and vision for the DNN Docs Center check out the following blogs by group leader, Kelly Ford:

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