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Benjamin "balupton" Lupton's Project Checklist v0.1.1 (July 09, 2010)
All Projects:
- Have you run all the unit tests for the project?
- Have you remembered to remake the project? [make all]
- Have you tested in all major browsers?
- Have you ensured all documentation dates are correct?
- Have you ensured all documentation project links are current?
- Have you ensured version changelog entries have been added to appropriate file?
- If yes; then you are good to tag this release if you like [git tag -s "v..."]
- To push; use [git push --all] then [git push --tags]
Project Specific:
- Does lightbox show on all browsers?
- Does lightbox more info show correctly?
- Are all links and text in documentation correct?
- Do the left and right image buttons work?
- Do the left and right keyboard buttons work?