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2020-03-02 Jerry Lundström
Release 1.4.2
Updated list of DNS resource types and work on CI and packaging.
4bdb9e3 Add missing rr types
7c529ed README
d610061 COPR, spec
96763d8 Package
5aa5984 Funding
377be2d spec
a0b5fb7 Travis-CI
2017-11-09 Jerry Lundström
Release 1.4.1
Fixed an issue with the in-memory representation of DNS records which
was not initialized correctly and could cause the reuse of old data,
especially if the record was incomplete (such as FormErr).
6a790e6 Fix #61: Make sure variables are initialized
ed37b88 Update Murmur location
5afb576 Update code format and move Murmur into it's own dir
2017-07-11 Jerry Lundström
Release 1.4.0
This release adds new fields for IP version and EDNS0 Client Subnet along
with documentation updates, new usage (`--help`) and a buffer overflow
check. Rework of the way OPT records are parsed has been done to make it
easier to add support for other EDNS options in the future.
New fields:
- `ip_version`: The IP version as an int (4/6)
- `edns0_ecs`: A bool that is true if Client Subnet (RFC7871) was found
- `edns0_ecs_family`: An int with the address family
- `edns0_ecs_source`: An int with the source prefix length
- `edns0_ecs_scope`: An int with the scope prefix length
- `edns0_ecs_address`: A textual representation of the address
- `get_ushort()` in DNS parsing was not checking length of buffer before
accessing it.
0e7c34a Rewrote usage, add option descriptions, tables and fields
3943dda Update documentation and tests
f4b9464 Add IP_Version
0b309e6 ECS addresses and OPT RR parsing
875fd60 Correct type in documentation also
b5a91b7 Damn the common keyboard sequences...
358b9af Buf overflow check, move OPT RR parsing, rework EDNS0 ECS
d38fffc Add EDNS option codes and EDNS Client Subnet (ECS) support
2017-06-02 Jerry Lundström
Release 1.3.1
This release add packaging files for DEB and RPM distributions and
fixes a couple of bugs:
- ICMP code to fill the tables was wrong and created segfault using
normal select, aggregation or group functions. The code has been
rewritten to work as the DNS code does and ICMP tests have been
- Historically PacketQ parses all resource records but only saves
the first and last record, this would overwrite EDNS information
if it was not the first or last record. This has been fixed by
saving the EDNS information as it is found.
Thanks to Anand Buddhdev (RIPE NCC) and Daniel Stirnimann (SWITCH)
for providing PCAPs to help resolve the bugs.
9c2627f Fix CID 1439421
5423c1d Fix #17: Save EDNS information when it's found
ecb166e Fix #48: ICMP parsing and a little better memory handling
0052024 Fix #45: Add packaging files
2017-05-23 Jerry Lundström
Release 1.3.0
First release under DNS-OARC management with license changed to GPL v3.0,
minor version jump to not conflict with forked repositories that
increased the version themselves.
Software now using Travis-CI and Jenkins to compile and test under Debian,
Ubuntu, CentOS, FreeBSD and OpenBSD. Coverity Scan used for code analysis
and 30 defects have been solved.
Bug fixes / enhancements:
- Big endian supported correctly
- Check data length when processing TCP/UDP packets
- Support VLAN-tagged packets
- Support for older compilers (CentOS 6)
- Prevent "time of check, time of use"
- Use `snprintf()` instead of `sprinf()`
6782f1f libpcap is not needed
23a1ca0 Add more 'order by' in tests to ahve concurrent results
f14ab5d Run tests in Travis also
1a0c98a Add test for bigendian PCAP
64ee5a8 - fixed reading of big-endian pcap files (including gzipped pcap)
- added sample-bigendian.pcap.gz
dd6ab57 Add test based on the extended regression tests
27518c5 More regression tests
d889228 Updated to make the ordering of test query
results more consistent, to avoid false positives.
d157fef Expanded the regression tests.
b3df6c2 Added checks for bad TCP and UDP packet lengths (which could
cause malloc requests for humongous amounts of memory...)
2e46729 Added support for VLAN-tagged ethertypes.
10ae2d6 Fix #20: Support CentOS 6 compiler (and hopefully RHEL6 also)
e7a8163 Format code using `clang-format`
a9ae0fe Change namespace to `packetq` and uniform header defines
6ab0fde Add Coverity badge
63b480b Use `open()`, `fstat()` and `fdopen()` to prevent "time of check,
time of use" problem
446a5bf Fix CIDs
01be348 Fix CIDs
d11a61f Use `snprintf()`
0bc8e57 Add regression test (from example) for all output formats
09b9037 Move wiki documentation into the repository
5e41dbb Update
6b2263f Add dependencies
9cd6e5a Add Travis-CI badge
cf582f8 Add Travis-CI
d7eaa55 Cleanup and license change
2014-04-23 Roger Murray
Release 1.1.11
This release and prior releases was not documented here, see repository
for more information.
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