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@github-actions github-actions released this Jun 12, 2021

Version 2.0.46 (not released yet, may become 2.1.0)

beta 3:

  • Add support for the final version of the Oblivious DoH specification.

beta 2:

  • Relays are now mandatory for ODoH servers.
  • Routes with server_name = '*' now correctly handle both relay types.
  • A deprecation warning was added for fallback_resolvers.

beta 1:

  • Source URLs are now randomized.
  • On some platforms, redirecting the application log to a file was not
    compatible with user switching; this has been fixed.
  • fallback_resolvers was renamed to bootstrap_resolvers for
    clarity. Please update your configuration file accordingly.
  • Preliminary support for ODoH (Oblivious DoH) was added. Thanks to
    Chris Wood for his help on this!
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