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This wiki is home to our documentation for Natural Resources Revenue Data.


Our working principles are based largely on those of 18F, with whom we partnered on earlier versions of the site between 2014 and 2018.

User-centered design and development

Our team follows user-centered design and development practices as best we can. We’re always looking for research participants to help us improve the site for users. If you’re interested in participating in a user research interview, please email us at

Working in the open

We work in the open, with open-source tools. We believe this approach is a good fit for government. All of our site changes and issues are captured here in our GitHub repository, and anyone can clone our codebase. Our license is Creative Commons and in the public domain.

Our duty is to everyone

We work for the people of the United States, and thus believe our product and work processes must be accessible and inclusive to everyone. As a result, accessibility is among our core success metrics.


Our team is comprised of:

  • product manager (1)
  • developers (3)
  • user experience designer (1)
  • content strategist (1)
  • program analysts (3)

Our larger team includes data governance and data management specialists.

We maintain a list of current and past team members and contributors.

Project background

In 2011, the U.S. Department of the Interior (DOI) entered into the international Extractives Industry Transparency Initiative (EITI). In 2015, with the help of a Presidential Innovation Fellow and eventually 18F, we developed and published the annual EITI reports on an interactive website, originally called the U.S. EITI data portal.

The content of these annual reports (and therefore of the content on the site) was directed by a Multi-Stakeholder Group representing industry, government, and civil society (non-governmental organizations, academia, etc). Read more about the history of the USEITI site. The site served as an interactive annual report for EITI from 2015 to 2017.

The United States withdrew from EITI in November 2017, but DOI and the Office of Natural Resources Revenue remain strong supporters of good governance and the principles of transparency represented by the EITI.

Current status

Our product framing and user-centered design process guide our work.

We work in two-week sprints. You can track what we’re working on now by visiting our milestones.

Participating in development

We welcome contributions to the site. You can add a new issue to make a suggestion or let us know about a bug. We also welcome code contributions in the form of pull requests.

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