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Model zoo (in Netlogo) for the book Spatial Simulation: Exploring Pattern and Process.

This is the collection of Netlogo models we built for our book Spatial Simulation: Exploring Pattern and Process. The models are also available at the book website

The purpose of putting the models here, is to speed up the process of adequately commenting them, and also to make it easier to make minor tweaks and corrections to the code. Periodically, we will update the copies available on, but the most current versions will be here.

The models as originally released when the book appeared (and as used to generate the figures in the book) are in the folder as-released. These will not change, and will not be updated to remain compatible with later versions of NetLogo. There were written for NetLogo 5.0.x. They will likely work with other NetLogo 5.x versions, but you will need to have the necessary extensions installed. If opened in later versions of NetLogo, the automated translation provided may work, but it might not. This folder is split into a base-models folder which should not need any extensions and a using-R folder which requires the r extension.

Ongoing work

Models are being slowly updated, to add more information about how they work and additional in-code comments, and more recently for compatibility with NetLogo 6.x. The latest versions of the models are in the top level base-models and using-R folders which respectively require no complex extensions, and one of the NetLogo R extensions (you'll have to download them and try them to find out which).

A 'frozen' release of these folders compatible with NetLogo 5.3 was created on 18 November, 2017: v0.5.3 release

A 'final for now' release of these folders compatible with NetLogo 6.0 was created on 11 June, 2018: v0.6.0 release

The most current code in base-models and using-R aims to be compatible with the current version of NetLogo.

Current status

Models in base-models and using-R should all work with NetLogo 6.0.x. Models in as-released and misc will not. Note that the models now use only extensions that come standard with NetLogo (r and palette).


Model zoo (in Netlogo) for Spatial Simulation: Exploring Pattern and Process






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