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Small python project to generate movies with a droste effect or to create zoomable movies using DALLE


To setup a virtual environment with python3 and the dependencies installed, execute in a shell:

python3 -m venv venv3
source venv3/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt

You can now run the main script:

python --input=beach.jpg \
                   --output=beach.mp4 \
                   --center=1904,1940 \

And it should create a zooming in movie:

Beach Movie

Beside the input and output parameters, the important flags are center and scale. center determines the point in the input picture to zoom in on. Scale is the scale of the sub-image compared to the main image. In other words, this is how far you need to zoom in to have the main image be replaced by the sub-image completely and which would complete one loop.

The two other flags you can pass are frames, which determines how many frames the output image will have and fps, which determines how many frames per seconds the output movie will play with.

The script can render loops with multiple zoom points. The basic pattern is the same, except that a parameter zoom_points needs to be supplied that contains a list of ; separated tuples specifying the various zoom point as center_x,center_y,scale



This repository also contains some scripts that can be used to create zoomable movies using DALLE.

Put your images say in the vangogh directory, create a first frame and put it in the say vangogh directory. You can then use:

python \
    --input=vangogh/frame1.png \

To create a zoomed out version of frame1. Use that as a basis for your next image and repeat this until you have a longish list of zoomed out frames. You can put them together into a movie using:

python \
    --frame_count=6 --frames=60 \

This will produce a movie with 6 frames and with 60 frames per step valled vangogh.mp4 in the root directory.


Small python project to generate movies with a droste effect







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