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ChatBox is a free to use, anonymous, open source messaging platform.


Anonymous you say?

ChatBox doesn't require you to create a login, give us an email, track you, or keep data about you somewhere. The only time ChatBox needs a name and a password is for private chat creation. To create a private chat you provide a Group Name and a Password to login to that chat. Private chat messages are encrypted while on the server.

Oh so those private chats hang around then huh?

No, once in a private chat any member of that chat has the ability to delete it. When this chat is deleted it not only deletes the chat from the database but also deletes any messages sent within that chat. Nothing is kept, archived, or stored away in some cave somewhere, it's gone. Private group messages are encrypted.

Global Messages, on the home page, will stick around and cannot be deleted.

Message Styling

Some message styling is currently available: {{p}} This marks the start of a new paragraph.

{{b}} This will make text bold {{-b}}

{{h}} This highlights text {{-h}}

{{em}} This gives text an italic look {{-em}}

{{sub}} This creates a subtitle {{-sub}}

{{bl}} Starts a list and is ended with {{-bl}}

{{li}} Starts a list item and is ended with {{-li}}

Add a link with the following {{l}}{{lt}} link title here{{-lt}}


ChatBox uses PHP, MySQL, and jQuery functions and ajax calls for functionality.