Fun with fluid simulations and OpenGL
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This is a small C++ project, all about computing a fluid simulation in 2D and rendering it using OpenGL :)


This repository contains the Eclipse CDT project files (for compilations etc.) because this is a small project and I'm currently lazy :)

You can add some dark fluid by clicking/dragging left inside the window, and induce movements (change velocity vectors) by dragging using the right mouse button.

There is a small option menu which can be opened using the middle mouse button, it can be used to:

  • Toggle the (ugly) pixel blending algorithm
  • Toggle the velocity vector field display (in red lines)
  • Exit properly !


There is no real roadmap, but I hope I'll make it better / faster later, starting with some cleanup and refactoring (I adapted the code from a Java implementation of Jos Stam's method described in “Stable Fluids”).

Maybe I'll even write an OpenCL backend (or make documentation).