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Acronyms used in this document

Acronym Definition
AAR After Action Review
AIT Austrian Institute of Technology (D+ partner)
AVRO Open data serialization system supported by the Apache Organisation
CAP Common Alerting Protocol
CIS Common Information Space
CM Crisis Management
COP Common Operational Picture tools for creating a shared situational awareness
CoPCM Community of Practice in Crisis Management
COW Common Online Workspace
CSS Common Simulation Space
C# [C sharp] Programming Language
C++ [C plus plus] Programming Language
Docker Container environment to enable independence between applications and infrastructure
DOW Description Of Work
D[xxx] Deliverable number xxx
EDXL Emergency Disaster eXchange Language
EMSI Emergency Management Shared Information
FRQ Frequentis (D+ partner)
GitBook Open Source service for creating online books
GitHub Repository for managing DRIVER+’s software code
GT Guidance Tool
GUI Graphical User Interface
ITTI ITTI (D+ partner)
Java Programming Language
JRC Joint Research Centre (D+ partner)
Kafka An open source distributed streaming platform supported by the Apache Organisation that is used as the basis to exchange information between simulators and solutions
KPI Key Performance Indicator
MBtiles Single file database format to store images of a map
MGT Management
OST Observer Support Tool
Python Programming Language
REST Representational State Transfer (common interface allowing you to read and write data from a service)
SP Sub-project
SUMO Simulation of Urban Mobility, a traffic and pedestrian simulator
TAP Trial Action Plan
TGM Trial Guidance Methodology
TS Thales Services (D+ partner)
TNO TNO (D+ partner)
TypeScript Programming Language
WFS Web Feature Service (serving a map layer as vectors)
WMS Web Mapping Service (serving a map layer as picture)
WP Work package
XACML eXtended Access Control Markup Language, a standard for describing security permissions to resource
XML eXtended Markup Language, a textual representation of a message that is easily readable by computers
XVR XVR simulation (D+ partner