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The Hybrid Letterbox project is funded by CHEST (Collective enHanced Environment for Social Tasks) is a 33-month Research and Development project supported under the Seventh Framework Programme to promote the development of digital based innovations that have the potential to address key societal challenges.
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Hybrid Letterbox


Setup Letterbox for the first time

  • go to HybridLetterbox dir and update to the newest version: git pull
  • modify two config files
    • go to src/server/node directory and copy config file: cp config.defaultjs config.js and modify file to your needs
    • go to src/letterbox/ and copy ini file: cp letterbox.default.ini letterbox.ini and modify it to your needs


Python Test Scripts

  • go to src folder and call testscripts by sudo python2 -m letterbox.tests

Node Testscripts

  • install pm2 npm install pm2 -g

  • go to cd src/www

    • start testscripts by calling npm test

Configure Atmega Head Board


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