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Summer 2015 DRMF Student projects

  • Yusuf Ameri — DRMF Standard MediaWiki Text Search Integration
  • Jimmy Li — DRMF Formula Search Backend & NTCIR-12 Competition
  • Akash Shah — DRMF Formula Search MediaWiki Frontend
  • DRMF eCF Seeding Project (used to be assigned to Divya Gandla)
  • Shraeya Madhu — DRMF DLMF Seeding Project
  • Claude Zou — DRMF Semantic LaTeX Mathematical Operators

(Yusuf Ameri) DRMF Standard MediaWiki Text Search Integration

Brief description: Rhamy will extend the CirrusSearch MediaWiki extension to allow for other extensions such as math search to create customized queries.

(Jimmy Li) DRMF Formulae Search Backend & NTCIR-12 Competition

Brief description: Based on the NTCIR-11 and NTCIR-10 contributions, Jimmy will optimize the formula search backend and provide easy accessible REST interface for DRMF formula search. Jimmy will also prepare for a submission to the NTCIR-12 Competition. (See

  • CirrusSearch MediaWiki extension (which calls backend elastic) is the frontend used by MediaWiki for text search calls
  • DLMF search extension is a plugin to backend Lucene
  • Elastic (the MediaWiki text search backend) is the defacto successor of Lucene text search backend

(Akash Shah) DRMF Formula Search MediaWiki Frontend

Brief description: Akash will improve the frontend for DRMF formula search to make it more usable and stable. The input for formula search needs more guidance and examples of how to use it. For the output contents, summarization is desirable. Query refinement technologies need to be developed. The interface to the backend relies on the standardized NTCIR formula retreival format. The frontend displays the formula search results generated by the backend. (See

  • Complete the m to M and M to m PHP code
  • Get account on Wikitech
  • Login to instance drmf2015
  • Set up math extension and math search extention manually and check documentation
  • Improve layout of text and math search
  • Improve layout of display
  • Develop query refinement technologies
  • find Thesaurus
  • figure out how it connects with Lucene
  • determine how Thesauri work with search engines either with frontend and backend

DRMF eCF Seeding Project (used to be assigned to Divya Gandla)

Brief description: Divya is developing code to convert Mathematica source to DRMF semantic LaTeX. Her focus will be primarily on conversion of the Mathematica eCF dataset.

  • Replace all Mathematica functions to semantic LaTeX macros
  • Convert all Mathematica equations to LaTeX equation environments
  • learn about privacy issues
  • Include Mathematical constraints as semantic LaTeX constraints
  • Develop any new macros needed to process entire eCF dataset

(Shraya Madhu) DRMF DLMF Seeding Project

Brief description: Shraeya is developing code to convert NIST Digital Library of Mathematical Functions LaTeX source code into DRMF semantic LaTeX. Shraeya will focus on converting DLMF Chapters 5, 13, 15, 16, 17, and 18 to Wikitext.

  • Complete algorithm to replace tables with lists of formulas
  • Extract formula metadata from the chapter text
  • learn about privacy issues
  • Remove text from document
  • Generate Wikitext for DLMF Chapters

(Claude Zou) DRMF Semantic LaTeX Mathematical Operator Replacements

Brief description: Claude will write software which will replace and insert semantic LaTeX macros for various mathematical operators encountered in the DLMF and DRMF for orthogonal polynomial and special function formulae. Claude's software will rely on parsing tools for LaTeX source trees. Claude will focus on replacements of sum, product, continued fraction, derivative, limit and other mathematical operator expressions. Claude will start by focusing on the KLS and KLSadd datasets.

  1. Introduction
  2. The Cool Programming Language
  3. Lexical Analysis up to 03-05: Lexical Specifications
  • complete VI tutorial
  • learn UNIX commands
  • learn about privacy issues
  • Develop skills and knowledge of tools connected with parsing LaTeX
  • Develop macros for mathematical operators (with HSC) — already completed for Sum and Product
  • Perform macro replacements using Sum semantic LaTeX macro
  • Perform macro replacements using Product semantic LaTeX macro
  • Perform macro replacements using semantic macro for continued fractions
  • Perform macro replacements using semantic macro for limits
  • Perform macro replacements using semantic macro for derivatives
  • Perform macro replacements using semantic macro for integrals
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