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Table of Contents

Project for Janelle Williams -- NIST DRMF project

General goals for Digital Repository of Mathematical Formulae (DRMF)

  • Active link to LaTeX source
  • Active link to Proof or Reference to Proof
  • Active link to Talk Page/discussion concerning formula
  • Mathematics searchability?

Logging into MediaWiki

  • Open a terminal:
    1. ssh grad
    2. php --server localhost:8000 --docroot /home/hcohl/devel/mediawiki-core-1.21.1/
  • (If more than one person tries 3. at once you ought to get an error message telling you that the port is already taken - then just pick your own port and try again, or simply jump to browsing in Firefox)
  • Make sure no Firefox is running on your local machine
  • Open a second terminal:
    1. ssh -f -X grad firefox http://localhost:8000 -no-remote
    2. And the MediaWiki welcome page should open.

Things Janelle should familiarize herself with

  1. OPSF-Net articles
    • Topic #5 -- Dmitry Karp
    • Topic #6 -- Daniel Lozier
    • Topic #7 -- Tom Koornwinder
    • Topic #3 -- Tom Koornwinder
  2. MathML - the representation language for math expressions in XHTML and HTML5
  3. Interactivity in JavaScript via AJAX and jQuery (visit their home pages, try out some demos)
  4. The JOBAD 3 project/framework -- JOBAD is a Javascript framework which makes it easy to create interactive web pages
  5. Basics on interactive math on the web (e.g. go through [1][2]) -- active menus
    1. TODO: Add [1] and [2] here
  6. The DLMF project description and site (

Related Projects / Software suites

  1. MediaWiki -- PHP --
    • Requires reboot of web server
    • Need control
    • Classically requires root priviledges
  2. Planetary -- We will not be using this for the time being -- Drupal
  3. LaTeXML -- Perl
  4. Categories -- Taxonomy/Categorization -- Mechanisms behind Wikipedia and PlanetMath/Mathworld -- You can hierarchically browse mathematical concepts at:
  5. NNexus -- is the "wikification" or "auto-linking" software that has been employed by PlanetMath since 2001. [1] Deyan is currently finishing an in-depth rewrite of the system to bring it up to software engineering best practices and prepare it for future enhancements. [2]
  6. Styling -- CSS -- Cascading Style Sheet, file called common.css
  7. MathJax -- What actually is the definition?
  8. Wikipedia LaTeXML -- Bruce and Deyan
    • tex -> texvc -> .png
    • Moritz Schubotz, Berlin
    • Roadblocks -> MediaWiki

Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics web pages

  1. Contacting Jim Parker at SIAM or SIAM maintainer for Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) Activity Group (AG)
  2. One object better than two
  3. OPSF Activity Group Wiki

Minimal Setup for Janelle to start Hacking

  • At a bare minimum. What does Janelle need to start working?
  • How about:
    1. Grab Deyan once on NIST premises.
    2. Grab a machine.
    3. Get Greasemonkey installed on a local Firefox.
    4. Install JOBAD (git clone) and write a tiny script to deploy it through Greasemonkey
    5. Experiment with developing some new JOBAD modules (e.g. add talk page to menu, etc.)
  • Some brainstorming on integrating with MediaWiki:
    1. We care about interactive services on formulas, which are best realized via JavaScript
    2. These JS services can be generalized to be applicable to any site that has MathML mathematics
    3. Hence, we want to develop them with the site-independent JOBAD framework.
    4. JOBAD has never been integrated with MediaWiki, and MediaWiki is the software platform offered to NIST for hosting the DRMF project.
    5. MediaWiki has a variety of extension mechanisms - e.g. skins, extensions/plug-ins and a variety of parameters
    6. At the outset, it seems that a new MediaWiki skin would be the simplest entrance to introducing JOBAD.
    7. Consider cloning and minimally extending the default skin
    8. Which should translate into including JOBAD with the right modules activated in the $wgResourceModules description.

Open Technical Challenges

  • Math-centric pages
    1. The DRMF is about making the mathematical objects (the formulas) the center of discussion
    2. However, all Content-management systems (MediaWiki, Drupal, Joomla, you name it) currently are math-agnostic
    3. So we need to invent a good way of dealing with math:
      1. plain-text titles of concept pages - do we use TeX, or a canonical plain-text serialization of MathML?
      2. Math-authoring - this is not open, TeX syntax is simply universally accepted for authoring formulas.
      3. Math-rendering - traditionally images, we want to upgrade it to MathML in order to have the ability to interact with the formula. That entails a [LaTeXML] or [MathJaX] conversion workflow.
      4. MathML-rendering - not all browsers support MathML still, we need to include the MathJaX JavaScript library as a backup renderer.

DRMF incorportating/bringing in content

  • Manageable -- small LaTeX documents
  • KLSadd.tex
  • Tom Koornwinder --- I should say that my informal formula collection KLSadd.pdf may have some value, but the formulas in it will look to others as being chosen rather arbitrarily. One thing what could be done (and which I might do myself if I could spend more time on it) is to find for each of the formulas now present the analogues for all other families in the Askey and q-Askey scheme, such that all such formulas are connected by the limit relations given in Koekoek-Lesky-Swarttouw. Actually this would be an excellent and educational task for a more advanced summer student. Another thing to be done (by maybe yet another summer student) is to check the formulas by computer algebra (maybe only in special cases), and to make available the code for that.
  • BIG -- books
  • Roelof Koekoek can provide formulae when we need them.
  • Categories, Taxonomies

Mathematics Searchability

  • LaTeXML
  • Bruce's bindings
  • DLMF Macros
  • Bruce's search engine
  • Markdown engine for indexing
  • Search HTML with MathML?
  • Content MathML

MediaWiki think tank

  • Editing permissions (priviledges) on MediaWiki -- PHP
  • Wiki templates
  • Different skins
    • CSS (styling language)
    • Javascript
    • Clone Monobook SIAM into our MediaWiki
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