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List of categorized undesired hosts
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Additional Undesired Hosts

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This is a list of categorized domains, with additional entries for wildcard blocking. The primary focus is to guarantee not to break any useful services or legitimate websites. Each domain is only added after through research and tests in order to make sure it should intentionally be blocked.

I intend to focus on both websites and mobile domains.


This list is available in domains-only format at the moment, which is compatible with:

You can use it on either a server, or within browser plugins, so you can filter sites on the client side.

Aggregated lists

The following aggregated lists automatically includes the domains in my lists. You can use the aggregated lists such as:

I use this python script alongside DNScrypt on my VPS instead of running Pi-hole.

Blacklist Domains

name description domains format hosts (IPv4) format
Ad and tracker servers Blocks ads and trackers, and anything inbetween. 📝 adservers-and-trackers.txt n/a
Activation servers Blocks license verification and software activation.
This list is intended to prevent products from expiring when they detect an invalid license.
📝 activation.txt n/a
Unwanted Iranian domains Blocks various scams and popups when visiting Iranian websites.
e.g. fake Download buttons, Pop-unders, etc
📝 unwanted-iranian.txt n/a

Whitelist Domains

TBA: to be added

Sources to use alongside mine

TBA: to be added

Report domains

If you notice any domains that you believe should be included in my lists, please report it to me here.


A great deal of care is taken to avoid any type of false positives. However, in the event that you see something legitamate is being blocked, missing content and/or breaking functionality, please report false positives by creating an issue here.

This could be because the domain names that serve those type of ads could potentially be also used to serve legitimate content, which means blocking them will result in an app or website missing content or losing functionality.


In order to get notified of an update, you can mark my repository as "watched". I update this list on a weekly basis.


This repository is licensed under MIT License © 2019 David Refoua. All re-distribution of my lists, provided that you credit my name and work, are welcome and encouraged.

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