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CLI utility to manage MC server installations.


  • Install required JDKs
  • Download server files
  • Generate start scripts (with optimized JVM flags)
  • Update to the latest build




Linux: Windows: winget install mcserv

Supported Platforms

Platform Supported
macOS¹ 🚧

¹ In theory macOS should be supported, there are just no macOS specific implementations yet

Supported Server Distributions

Distribution Install Update Metadata¹

¹ Metadata is required to ensure the correct Java version is installed and use proper JVM flags

FAQ (Frequently asked Questions)

Why is Spigot not supported?

Spigot still uses the ancient Spigot BuildTools to distribute itself, because those take very long to run and only run in Git Bash (on Windows) we decided to not support Spigot

Do you support ARM?

Whilst we generally support arm, we do not provide precompiled binaries for ARM (since GitHub actions doesn't support ARM runners). However, you can compile the project yourself (See Compiling from source)

For developers

Note: Gradle requires a JDK, if you don't have one installed, we recommend installing it via sdkman.

If you are on a UNIX based OS you require the native chmod for the script generators. To compile that please run

./gradlew assemble

If you edit files that also use json_serializable or retrofit please run the following command

./gradlew dartGenerate

Compiling from source


  • JDK (Get from SDKMAN! or Adoptium)
  • Dart SDK (Get from here)
  • CPP dev tools (Only if you're on Linux or macOS)
  • WIX Toolset (Only if you're on Windows)

If you installed the Dart SDK please add the path to the SDK into the file (if it doesn't exist, create it)

# (this is when you did 'winget install dart'
dart.sdk=C:\\Program Files\\Dart\\dart-sdk

Build on macOS and Linux

./gradlew assemble

Build on Windows

gradlew assembleMsi

In both cases you will find your output in build/distributions