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Concourse Resource for Openstack Images

checks and manages openstack images by a concourse

Adding to your pipeline

To use Concourse Resource , you have to add a new resource_type for the concourse openstack resource

- name: image
  type: docker-image
    repository: will be filled when resource is finished

Source Configuration

  • OS_AUTH_URL: Required. The url for authentication (Keystone)

  • OS_USERNAME: Required. The username to authenticate to openstack.

  • OS_PASSWORD: Required. The Password to authenticate to openstack.

  • OS_REGION: Required. The Openstack Region to use.

  • OS_PROJECT_NAME: Required. The Openstack Project to use.

  • Imagename: Required. The Imagename to filter


  • file: Required Path to file to upload

  • delete_broken_images Optional Default: true deletes Image if Checksumcheck fails

  • container_format: Required Container Format

  • disk_format: Required Disk Format

  • visibility Required Visability (private|shared|public|community)

  • protected Required Proteced (Bool)

  • min_disk: Minimal RAM needed (Integer)

  • min_ram: Minimal Disk needed (Integer)

  • properties_by : Required How to get properties (direct | file)

  • properties: JSON Object of additional properties (string)

    properties_by = direct ("{\"architecture\": \"x86_64\",\"buildnumber\": \"20190926.2\",\"git_branch\":\"master\",\"hw_disk_bus\":\"scsi\",\"hw_video_ram\":\"16\",\"hw_vif_model\":\"VirtualVmxnet3\",\"hypervisor_type\":\"vmware\",\"os-version\":\"15.3\",\"vmware_adaptertype\":\"paraVirtual\",\"vmware_disktype\":\"streamOptimized\",\"vmware_ostype\":\"sles12_64Guest\"}")

    properties_by = string (/tmp/properties.json)

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