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Setting up the Textbook for Local Development

How the Textbook Works

The textbook is built using Gitbook (docs). All pages live in the chNN folders e.g. ch12/ Some pages are Markdown files that just contain text content (for example, ch12/

Most pages, however, are generated from Jupyter notebooks that live in the notebooks/ folder. For example, the notebooks/ch10/modeling_simple.ipynb notebook will automatically built into the ch10/ page in the textbook.

To add a page into the textbook, create a new notebook in the corresponding chapter in the notebooks/ folder. Then, run make build to generate the Markdown file. Finally, add a link to the Markdown file in to put the page in the table of contents for the book.

Installing Dependencies

To run the textbook locally, you need a recent version of Jupyter Notebook or Jupyterlab and Python 3.6 or higher. To install these, we suggest using the Anaconda installer for Python 3.6: .

You will also need to install a recent version of NodeJS (8.0.0 or higher). See for installation.

Finally, you need to have git installed to clone the repo and make pull requests: .

To check your setup, you may run these commands in your terminal. They should run without error.

git --version # Should output a version >= 2.0.0
python --version # Should output a version >= 3.6.0
node --version # Should output a version >= 8.0.0
npm --version # Should output a version >= 5.0.0

Repo Setup

Run the following in your terminal:

git clone # Creates a textbook/ folder
cd textbook

Now, install the Gitbook CLI tools.

npm install gitbook-cli

Running the Textbook Locally

To run the textbook locally, run:

make serve

This starts a local Gitbook server that you can view by visiting http://localhost:4000/ in your web browser.

If you create or modify a Markdown file, the Gitbook server will automatically refresh.

If you create or modify a notebook, you will have to run make build in order to regenerate the Markdown files and refresh the Gitbook server.