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TWiLight Menu++ is an open-source DSi Menu upgrade/replacement for the Nintendo DSi, the Nintendo 3DS, and Nintendo DS flashcards. It can launch Nintendo DS, SNES, NES, GameBoy (Color), GameBoy Advance, Sega GameGear/Master System & Mega Drive/Genesis ROMs, as well as DSTWO plugins (if you use a DSTWO) and videos.


Setting up

Compiling this app requires devkitPro's devkitARM, libnds, grit, and mmutil. These can be installed using devkitPro pacman with the following command:

sudo dkp-pacman -S nds-dev

(Note: Command will vary by OS, sudo may not be needed and it may be just pacman instead)


Once you have devkitPro's toolchains installed you can build the entirety of TWiLight Menu++ by simply running make package in the root of the repository. If you only want to build a specific part of TWiLight Menu++ you can cd to that folder and run make dist.

Once it finishes building, the output files will be in the 7zfile folder following the same directory structure as the official TWiLightMenu.7z builds.

Using Docker

Using the included Docker image, you can easily compile TWiLight Menu++ without having to manually set up the required version of devkitARM using the provided PowerShell (.ps1) scripts.

The script accepts make arguments as well. For example, .\compile_docker.ps1 clean will clean the directories of all the compiled code. If you would like to build all artifacts, run .\compile_docker.ps1 package.

Please note that Docker compilation is not compatible with native compilation on Windows. You should run .\compile_docker.ps1 clean to clean the artifacts before attempting to build with Docker. If a notification appears asking you to share your drive, you must choose to enable drive sharing for Docker to work on Windows.

Manual Pages

The manual pages are stored in a separate repository and downloaded from a release when building TWiLight Menu++. For more information, see the twilight-manual repository.


You can help translate TWiLight Menu++ on the Crowdin project. If you'd like to request a new language be added then please ask on the Discord server.


Main Developers

  • Rocket Robz: Lead Developer, implementing the auto-reset power button function used in NTR-mode.
  • chyyran: Porting the akMenu/Wood UI to TWiLight Menu++ & adding the ability to load sub-themes off the SD card for DSi/3DS themes.
  • Pk11: Adding the ability to load sub-themes off the SD card for the R4 theme, implemented sorting & made manuals use PNG, improved font rendering, providing a custom background for Unlaunch, and various bug fixes.

App Launchers

Graphics & Themes


  • IkaMusumeYiyaRoxie: General N64 MIDI Soundfont, used for the title splash fanfare
  • BlastoiseVeteran: Remastered version of Nintendo DSi Shop music.


  • Arisotura: ROM list from melonDS.
  • profi200: Improved SD code from fastboot3DS.
  • ahezard: NDMA code from nds-bootstrap.
  • Gericom, TrolleyDave, and FAST6191: GBA SRAM-patching code, used in gbapatcher (SRAM patching thread at GBATemp)
  • Nikokaro: Found no-tilt patches for WarioWare: Twisted!, and Yoshi Topsy-Turvy. (GBATemp thread)
  • devkitPro: Code used in nds-hb-menu, and the use of the bootloader, devkitARM, libnds, and libfat.
  • Another World & Yellow Wood Goblin: The original akMenu/Wood UI.
  • NightScript: Code cleanup, added functionality for Acekard theme in regards to flashcarts.
  • SNBeast: Unlaunch patches.
  • retrogamefan & Rudolph: Included AP-patches for nds-bootstrap.
    • enler: Fixing AP-patch for Pokemon Black 2 (Japan) for DS⁽ⁱ⁾ mode compatibility.
    • Rocket Robz: Fixing some DS⁽ⁱ⁾-Enhanced game AP-patches for DS⁽ⁱ⁾ mode compatibility.
  • fintogive, RadDude McCoolguy, KazoWAR, Vague Rant, gamemasterplc, RocketRobz & ChampionLeake: Widescreen Cheats.