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@RocketRobz RocketRobz released this Sep 3, 2019

Check here on how to update TWiLight Menu++.

Includes nds-bootstrap v0.24.0.

What's new?

  • The majority of AP-patches are now included! List here.
    D-Pad-patched Zelda Spirit Tracks (USA/EUR, patch downloaded from GBATemp), now works without AP issues as well!
    RGF: Be aware that there is still 26 AP games that require AP patching via alternative methods at the moment.
  • Load speed for DSi boot screen is now faster, thanks to LZ77 compression. Load speed will be the same on flashcards.
  • 3DS theme: The icons on the rotating cubes have been replaced with game console icons.
  • (@vaguerant) 15 more widescreen .bin files added.

Bug fixes

  • Settings: GBARunner2 settings are now saved properly, so it will no longer read default settings.
    If you are using a GBARunner2 build with WiFi, please change the settings there, so the MAC addresses won't be cleared from the .ini file.
  • A 1MB save file is now created for Picross 3D.
    If the game does not work correctly, please delete the .sav file for it, so a proper .sav file will be made.
  • (@vaguerant) Fixed widescreen hacks for Dementium & Dementium II.
  • (@chyyran) More Acekard theme fixes.
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