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Q: Why do I get a white screen when trying to load a game from SD Card?


  • First, check the nds-bootstrap compatibility list and make sure your game is compatible.
  • If the game your trying to launch is a DSi Enhanced game then make sure that TWiLight Menu++ is set to use DS Mode.
  • If you're on a CFW DSi make sure that your launching HIYACFW in Unlaunch, not TWLMENUPP, as nds-bootstrap requires Hiya CFW.

Q: How do I use cheats?

A: You need to have the file sd:/_nds/TWiLightMenu/extras/usrcheat.dat. The most updated cheat database is DeadSkullzJr's.

Q: How do I show a custom picture on the top screen of the DSi theme?

A: A random .bmp file in sd:/_nds/TWiLightMenu/dsimenu/photos/ will be shown each time the menu is loaded. The file(s) must be a 16-bit (X1 R5 G5 B5) bmp file with a resolution of 208x156, and no color space info.

Q: Why isn't touch input working on sudokuhax?

A: Depending on the save file of sudokuhax, the touch screen inputs may not work.

Q: Can The Biggest Loser boot TWiLight Menu++?

A: No. As The Biggest Loser is a Slot-1 game, and not a DSiWare game, SD access is disabled when running Slot-1 cards.

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