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Playing in Widescreen

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Requires an Old/New Nintendo 3DS or 2DS console, and a 64-bit Windows PC.


  1. If you're not on the latest TWiLight Menu++ version, please install it using the manual method.
    If your first version was v9.0.0 or later, you can skip this step.
  2. Make sure Luma's "boot.firm" is on the SD root as well.

Part 1: GodMode9

  2. Select title.
  3. Select 00040138.
  4. Select #0000102. (# is 2 on new3DS, and 0 on old3DS)
  5. Select content.
  6. Select (## represents the highest number you find.)
  7. Select NCCH image options....
  8. Select Mount image to drive.
  9. Enter path, when asked to.
  10. Select exefs.bin
  11. Copy to 0:/gm9/out
  12. Power off the console.

Part 2: Making the widescreen TwlBg, and using it

  1. Download TWL Patcher from this post.
  2. Copy exefs.bin file in sd:/gm9/out/, to the same folder as mkpatch_b.exe.
  3. Rename the .bin file to section0.bin.
  4. Open Notepad.
  5. Put this in Notepad

mkpatch_b asd 1010

  1. Save as wide.bat in the same folder as mkpatch_b.exe.
  2. Run wide.bat.
  3. Create a folder called TwlBg in sd:/_nds/TWiLightMenu/.
  4. Copy the newly made TwlBg.cxi to the TwlBg folder.
  5. Rename the cxi file to Widescreen.cxi.
  6. In Luma config, enable external FIRMs and modules.
  7. In TWLMenu++ settings, switch the page to Games/Apps settings, and set Screen Aspect Ratio to 16:10.

You're all done! Enjoy your DS games in widescreen!

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