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HiyaCFW is the world's FIRST Nintendo DSi CFW, made by the talented folks over on our Discord server.


  • Run custom DSiWare
  • NAND to SD card redirection
  • Run NAND backups from any console
  • Replace the system menu with TWiLight Menu++
  • Run blocked flashcards (such as R4 Ultra)
  • Remove region-locking
  • Change the NAND region (Not compatible with CHN and KOR NANDs)
  • Run 3DS-exclusive DSiWare (such as WarioWare Touched)
  • Custom splash screens


In order to compile this on your own, you will need devkitPro's toolchains with the devkitARM, plus the necessary tools and libraries. dkp-pacman is included for easy installation of all components:

 $ dkp-pacman -Syu devkitARM general-tools dstools ndstool libnds

Once everything is downloaded and installed, git clone this repository, navigate to the folder, and run make to compile HiyaCFW. If there is an error, let us know.


  • Apache Thunder, NoCash, StuckPixel, Shutterbug2000, and Gericom.
  • Drenn: .bmp loading code from GameYob, for custom splash screens.
  • Pk11: .gif loading code for animated splash screens.
  • Rocket Robz: Logo graphic, settings screen, support for region-changing and any NAND backup.
  • devkitPro: For the majority of the base code like nds-bootloader which this loader uses.


No packages published


  • C 39.5%
  • C++ 29.3%
  • Makefile 11.5%
  • Python 10.6%
  • Assembly 9.1%