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The manual for TWiLight Menu++


If you'd like to help translate this (and the rest of TWiLight Menu++) you can do so on its Crowdin project. Please don't PR directly to this repo since that won't work with Crowdin.

Generating images for TWiLight Menu++

The HTML files in this repo need to be converted into images for TWiLight Menu++ to use them, the latest commit here is always in the release, but if you want to generate the images yourself you can do so with the following steps:

  1. Install ffmpeg, jekyll, and deno
  2. Run the two commands at lines 30 and 31 in the GitHub Actions script
    • If you pass web as an argument for the second command, it'll generate from instead of the local files. jekyll is not required in this context
  3. Merge the nitrofiles folder with the manual/nitrofiles folder in the TWiLightMenu repo