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TWiLight Menu++ Extras

This is a repository to host extra files for TWiLight Menu++.


Scan this QR code in Universal-Updater to add a UniStore with these skins for easy installation:

QR code to the UniStore

Repository Credits

Theme Credits:

  • Allinxter: 3DS Kyurem, Tower Duo, The Legend of Zelda, Windows XP, Spider-Man, The Binding of Isaac, Phantom Thieves, Investigation Team, S.E.E.S. and iDS skins, and DSi Persona 5 skin
  • ctutts14: 3DS Sonic Rush and Corkboard Skins and Unlaunch Sonic Rush background
  • Dhalian.: 3DS Douze Coups de Midi skin, Unlaunch Douze Coups de Midi background
  • DVDo: DSi Minecraft, Relaxing Space, Bowser's Fury, and Lake Lapcat skins
  • Emran_Ahmed: Unlaunch Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 background
  • Equillun: DSi Windows 95 skin
  • HxOr1997: 3DS Vaporwave skin
  • Nicoboy: 3DS Scooter Boys skin
  • lifehackerhansol: DSi Hakui Koyori skin
  • Pk11: 3DS Suicune skin, DSi Switch and iQue skins, Unlaunch Black, macOS, and Safari Pink backgrounds
  • Rilukian: Omori and PMD EoS 3DS skins
  • Rocket Robz: R4 Style Savvy skins, DSi Default skins, and 3DS Default Light skin
  • Shiori: 3DS Rune Factory 3 and Love Plus skins
  • SkyLark: Unlaunch Cork and various Kirby/Mario backgrounds
  • SNBeast: Unlaunch Windows Vista backgrounds
  • SombrAbsol: 3DS IceCap Zone and Knuckles Mania skins
  • spellboundtriangle: Darker and Mario Kart DS DSi skins, Unlaunch Bliss, Mario Kart DS, ZZT, and old Unlaunch backgrounds
  • TomRannd: simpleR4 skins
  • Vague Rant: Various GBA borders
  • Void Star: Dark 3DS skin
  • Vulpes-Vulpeos: Uploading AKmenu Pico-8, Monster Hunter Generations, and Nintendo DS-Like skins
  • Mr. Start: 3DS Mario Kart DS skin


This is the repository where extra files for TWiLight Menu++ are hosted