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Krotman and Yegraliyev et al. 2019


This repository accompanies the publication
Dissecting the factors shaping fish skin microbiomes in a heterogenous inland water system


Yaron Krotman, Timur Yergaliyev, Rivka Shani Alexander, Yosef Avrahami and Amir Szitenberg
Dead Sea and Arava Science Center, Dead Sea Branch.

Raw data: Available in the raw_reads directory and under BioProect PRJNA560003.
Workflow: The analysis, from raw data to figures, is layed out in script.ipynb nbviewer.
Supplementary analyses: Avilable in linear_vs_nonlinear.ipynb nbviewer and in test_alpha_diversity_and_rel_abund_group_significance.ipynb nbviewer