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Travis CI errors #38

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I keep getting build errors sent to my email when there doesn't seem to be an issue. I've also noticed (in the last 48 hours) that the image/statues fluctuates from build:error and build:passing. That said, my last PR was passing before I merged. What's going on? Are the tests being run all the time and somehow fail every once in awhile?

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I'm fairly certain it's something to do with how Travis is building projects with Node 0.10.0.

It looks like a lot of the grunt-contrib plugins/tasks are having the same issue where the build status image fluctuates because the build for node 0.8.x is successful, but the build for node 0.10.0 fails when running npm install.

Here's an example with grunt-contrib-clean:

Both grunt-contrib-clean and DSS are failing on node 0.10.0 when npm install is run because they bail when installing uglify-js, so I don't think it's something we can fix.


I'm moving this issue into the new repo ( and we'll continue the conversation over there.

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