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Prettier now includes support for prettifying Markdown (including code blocks!), so as such, I'd recommend using the official Prettier instead. See the release notes for more information

A simple utility and CLI to run prettier on code blocks within Markdown, leaving any non-code blocks untouched.

Currently works on the following languages (basically everything prettier supports!):

  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • JSON
  • CSS
  • SASS
  • LESS
  • GraphQL


yarn global add @dschau/prettier-markdown


Prettier Markdown



Command line usage is simple. All options (besides --dry, which will not write files to disk) are passed directly through to prettier.

prettier-markdown src/**/*.md --single-quote --trailing-comma es5


prettierMarkdown(files, prettierOpts = {}, programOpts = {})

Usage is fairly simple. An array of markdown files are passed, as well as any prettier options, and prettier is run on the specified files.

const path = require('path');
const { prettierMarkdown } = require('@dschau/prettier-markdown');

  ['', 'blog/posts/2017-01-01-hello-world/'].map(file =>
    path.join(process.cwd(), file)
).then(files => {
  // array of files that were written

Advanced Functionality

Line highlights

Note that line highlights (e.g. like the below) are kept intact and the block is still prettified!

```javascript {1-2}
const a =   'b';
const b =   'c';

  alert('hello world');


Frontmatter, i.e. in a Gastby blog post, is preserved as authored.

title: Hello World
  - Some Tag
  - Another Tag

// this will be prettified
var a =    'a';