DShield Raspberry Pi Sensor
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DShield Raspberry Pi Sensor

This is a set of scripts to setup a Raspberry Pi as a DShield Sensor. In order to use the Raspberry Pi, you will need to first prepare it:

  • CHANGE THE DEFAULT SSH PASSWORD (better: use keys to authenticate)
  • expose the Pi to inbound traffic. For example, in many firewalls you will be able to configure it as a "DMZ Hosts"
  • update your Pi. The install script will do this as well, but it can take hours, so you are better off doing it first. To update:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

only on "Jessie Lite":

sudo apt-get install git

on all versions of Raspbian (including Jessie Light):

git clone https://github.com/DShield-ISC/dshield.git
sudo dshield/bin/install.sh

This script will:

  • enable firewall logging and submitting of logs to DShield
  • change your ssh server to listen on port 12222
  • install the ssh honeypot cowrie (TODO)
  • configure a default web server and submit logs to DShield (TODO)


inside your "dshield" directory (the directory created above when you run "git clone"), run

git pull
sudo bin/install.sh

Configuration parameters like your API Key will be retained. To edit the configuration, edit /etc/dshield.conf

DEV Instance - web.py and sitecopy.py

sitecopy.py will copy any site serve up the site in using the web.py script just use:

python sitecopy.py http://www.yoursite.com

  • It will not change the links at this time - to do
  • Any data posted or user request strings will be logged to DB\webserver.sqlite

web.py - do not need to run sitecopy however it will serve up a very basic page that can accept input and files. Todo:

  • Need to figure out how to serve up vulnerable pages - probably from the path
  • SQL Injection - will likely use separate dorked database
  • Would like to integrate with cowrie for shell attacks - (BHAG)

Any input appreciated - mweeks9989@gmail.com - thanks!