DSpace Repository

Officially supported and maintained applications or modules of the DSpace repository platform (except where noted)


(Official) The DSpace digital asset management system that powers your Institutional Repository

Updated Oct 21, 2016


XMLUI Language Packs (Multilingual Support / I18N)

Updated Oct 14, 2016


API & JSPUI Language Packs (Multilingual Support / I18N)

Updated Oct 14, 2016


DSpace + Vagrant. Quickly spin up a virtual machine (via Vagrant) which is "DSpace development ready"

Updated Oct 1, 2016

Puppet 3 2


A basic Puppet module to install DSpace (and common prerequisites).

Updated Sep 30, 2016

Java 2 4


DSpace Replication Task Suite - Backup/restore DSpace to/from DuraCloud or mounted drive

Updated May 25, 2016

Java 0 0


A storage plugin for the Handle System resolver. It ships all operations to remote DSpace instances.

Updated Feb 18, 2016


OAI-PMH Java Toolkit

Updated Nov 2, 2015

Java 0 1


A mothballed copy of the dspace-lni module as at 18 August 2015

Updated Aug 18, 2015


A Vagrant project useful for generating a custom Vagrant base-box.

Updated Feb 25, 2015

Java 3 7


Special, slightly-customized build of Apache Solr for DSpace

Updated Aug 7, 2013

Java 1 2


OBSOLETE codebase for DSpace Services Framework. As of version 3.0 it was merged into the main DSpace codebase and can now be found at https://github.com/DSpace/DSpace/tree/master/dspace-services.

Updated Sep 14, 2012

Java 1 3


Patched version of Cocoon Servlet Service which resolves issues with Cocoon swallowing 404 Errors (see https://jira.duraspace.org/browse/DS-768)

Updated Apr 20, 2012


This project builds & deploys MaxMind GeoIP releases (http://sourceforge.net/projects/geoip/) to Maven Central for DSpace

Updated Apr 20, 2012


OBSOLETE mirror/sync of the DSpace SVN repository. This repo was previously known as DSpace/DSpace prior to 2012-03-26, but has been deprecated and renamed. Please use the Correct/Official DSpace GitHub repo now located at: https://github.com/DSpace/DSpace. You should unwatch and unfork this repo, and watch the other DSpace/DSpace repo. Please c…

Updated Feb 29, 2012

Java 0 1


OBSOLETE codebase for the old Sakai EntityBus experimental REST API for DSpace Please use the official Jersey based REST API instead: https://github.com/DSpace/DSpace/tree/master/dspace-rest

Updated Feb 22, 2012

Java 6 2


OBSOLETE experimental user interface called WebMVC. Uses Spring WebMVC to provide clean seperation between controller and view. Was built as a part of a Google Summer of Code project but has been unadopted/unsupported since then.

Updated Sep 30, 2011

XSLT 2 2


OBSOLETE.This was an early GitHub experment that never came to fruition. The dspace/dspace directory which is used for source releases

Updated Apr 20, 2011

JavaScript 3 11


OBSOLETE. This was an early GitHub experment that never came to fruition.An attempt to build a gallery of XMLUI themes, from the forks. Might not be valuable.

Updated Oct 5, 2010