DSpace Repository

Officially supported and maintained applications or modules of the DSpace repository platform (except where noted)


XMLUI Language Packs (Multilingual Support / I18N)

Updated Sep 24, 2016


(Official) The DSpace digital asset management system that powers your Institutional Repository

Updated Sep 23, 2016


API & JSPUI Language Packs (Multilingual Support / I18N)

Updated Sep 21, 2016


DSpace + Vagrant. Quickly spin up a virtual machine (via Vagrant) which is "DSpace development ready"

Updated Sep 19, 2016

Shell 1 1


Repository of the demo.dspace.org site landing page

Updated Sep 17, 2016

Java 2 4


DSpace Replication Task Suite - Backup/restore DSpace to/from DuraCloud or mounted drive

Updated May 25, 2016

Java 0 0


A storage plugin for the Handle System resolver. It ships all operations to remote DSpace instances.

Updated Feb 18, 2016


OAI-PMH Java Toolkit

Updated Nov 2, 2015

Java 0 1


A mothballed copy of the dspace-lni module as at 18 August 2015

Updated Aug 18, 2015


A Vagrant project useful for generating a custom Vagrant base-box.

Updated Feb 25, 2015

Java 3 7


Special, slightly-customized build of Apache Solr for DSpace

Updated Aug 7, 2013

Java 1 2


OBSOLETE codebase for DSpace Services Framework. As of version 3.0 it was merged into the main DSpace codebase and can now be found at https://github.com/DSpace/DSpace/tree/master/dspace-services.

Updated Sep 14, 2012

Java 1 3


Patched version of Cocoon Servlet Service which resolves issues with Cocoon swallowing 404 Errors (see https://jira.duraspace.org/browse/DS-768)

Updated Apr 20, 2012


This project builds & deploys MaxMind GeoIP releases (http://sourceforge.net/projects/geoip/) to Maven Central for DSpace

Updated Apr 20, 2012


OBSOLETE mirror/sync of the DSpace SVN repository. This repo was previously known as DSpace/DSpace prior to 2012-03-26, but has been deprecated and renamed. Please use the Correct/Official DSpace GitHub repo now located at: https://github.com/DSpace/DSpace. You should unwatch and unfork this repo, and watch the other DSpace/DSpace repo. Please c…

Updated Feb 29, 2012

Java 0 1


OBSOLETE codebase for the old Sakai EntityBus experimental REST API for DSpace Please use the official Jersey based REST API instead: https://github.com/DSpace/DSpace/tree/master/dspace-rest

Updated Feb 22, 2012

Java 6 2


OBSOLETE experimental user interface called WebMVC. Uses Spring WebMVC to provide clean seperation between controller and view. Was built as a part of a Google Summer of Code project but has been unadopted/unsupported since then.

Updated Sep 30, 2011

XSLT 2 2


OBSOLETE.This was an early GitHub experment that never came to fruition. The dspace/dspace directory which is used for source releases

Updated Apr 20, 2011

JavaScript 3 11


OBSOLETE. This was an early GitHub experment that never came to fruition.An attempt to build a gallery of XMLUI themes, from the forks. Might not be valuable.

Updated Oct 5, 2010