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Repository for developing and managing published Docker images for DSpace development
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This repository contains the source code for Docker Images for the DSpace project.

  • Docker simplifies the installation requirements for hosting an application by running an application image (docker image) within a containerized environment (docker container).
  • Docker Hub is a registry of published application images.
  • The DSpace project has published a set of DSpace Images on DockerHub to simplify testing and development of the DSpace platform.
    • The project has automated the build of Docker Images for each of the supported branches of the DSpace code base (build details).
  • A Docker compose file is used to orchestrate the launch of interdependent containers.
    • For DSpace 4, 5 and 6, those containers are the database and tomcat (xmlui, jspui)
    • For DSpace 7, the containers are the database, tomcat (for the REST api), and Node (running the Angular UI)
  • The Docker compose file manages the allocation of docker volumes which persist the contents of the DSpace database and the DSpace assetstore.

Why Publish DSpace Images for Docker?

  • To enable users (developers and repository mangagers) to easily test the latest code from each of the supported branches of DSpace
  • To enable users (developers and repository mangagers) to easily test the code from each published release of DSpace
  • To simplify the installation requirements for developers wishing to contribute code to the DSpace platform
  • To simplify the management of multiple versions of DSpace (DSpace 5, 6, and 7) on a user's desktop
  • To simplify the management of applicaiton dependencies for DSpace 7 (database, REST API, Angular UI) on a user's desktop
  • Note: These images are intended for DSpace development purposes and are not appropriate for production use.




Published Images

This table lists the general purpose docker images supported by the DSpace project. These images are intended to support the testing and development of DSpace from a user's desktop.

Image Name Status DockerHub Sample Labels Comments
dspace-postgres-pgcrypto Published dspace/dspace-postgres-pgcrypto latest Postgres image for DSpace 6+. Also suitable for DSpace 5.
dspace-postgres-4x Published dspace/dspace-postgres-4x latest Postgres image for DSpace 4x containing a pre-loaded DSpace 4x schema.
dspace Published dspace/dspace dspace-7_x-jdk8



tag notes
Tomcat + Ant with populated dspace-install directory.
DSpace code will be cloned and built during image build.
Image contains local.cfg or file suitable for the container.
Image variants for "test" exist to make it easier to access all web services.
dspace-angular Published dspace/dspace-angular latest Containerized Angular UI
dspace-angular-bare Provisionally Published dspace/dspace-angular-bare latest Containerized Angular UI which allows you to mount a source directory_
dspace-solr* Published dspace/dspace-solr latest External Solr Instance containing the 4 DSpace Solr repositories. *Depends on PR 2058

Compose files

The following Docker Compose files can be used to simplify the management of DSpace components allowing a user to run an end-to-end DSpace instance from their desktop.

Main DSpace Compose Files

DSpace Compose Files

  • Base DSpace Compose File: docker-compose.yml
  • DSpace 7 Compose File: d7.override.yml (d7solr.override.yml - until PR 2058 is merged)
  • DSpace 6 Compose File: d6.override.yml
  • DSpace 5 Compose File: d5.override.yml
  • DSpace 4 Compose File: d4.override.yml
  • DSpace RDF Compose File: rdf.override.yml
  • Oracle Compose File: oracle.override.yml
  • DSpace Local Build Compose File: src.override.yml

Special Purpose Compose files

Compose File Host Image Notes
angular-compose Compose file to run the DSpace 7 Angular UI with an External REST Service
angular-dev-compose Compose file to develop the DSpace 7 Angular UI with an External REST Service
dspace-angular dspace/dspace-angular-bare
dspacedb atmire/dspace-oracle
dspace dspace/dspace

Special Purpose Images

Published Images For Cloud Environments

This table lists DSpace Docker images that have been designed to run in specific cloud environments. An account for a specific cloud environment is necessary to utilize these images.

Image Name Status DockerHub Labels Compose Files Comments
dspace-janitor-angular Developed Referenced by the Janitor service

Development Images (Source Code Only)

This table lists docker images that have been optimized for DSpace software development. These images may be more complex to utilize. These images require a local build from source code.

Image Name Status Compose Files Comments
dspace-angular-dev In progress in project dir Designed for Angular development, relies on an external REST API

More information

For more information, join our #dspace-docker channel on Dspace Slack.

DSpace Docker Wiki Page

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