Repository of the site landing/home page (and other demo site tools)
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This codebase manages the homepage content for the website. The codebase is available publicly on GitHub at

To Install/Use: 
 - Move/Rename the default [Tomcat]/webapps/ROOT/ folder
 - Place these files in the [Tomcat]/webapps/ROOT/ folder, as they act as the "splashpage" for the DSpace Demo Site.

To Update GitHub Codebase:
 1. Change necessary files. Run 'git status' and/or 'git diff' to see changes.
 2. Commit to local repo. Run 'git commit -a' and enter a commit message.
 3. When ready push change to GitHub. Run 'git push'.

For additional Git hints see:

All content is subject to the license and copyright terms available at

Use at your own risk. This codebase is meant to be a resource for managing the splashpage.