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(OBSOLETE) Clone of: Bruno Nocera Zanette's I was doing some tests to prepare myself to write API's documentation, and to make it easier i've wrote some short scripts that implement all POST/PUT requests. It contains a script to execute each request, and descriptor files that describes e…
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VERB  ACTION ------------------------------------> Request Descriptor File

POST  /login ------------------------------------> ./ [JSON Only]
POST  /logout -----------------------------------> ./

POST  /communities ----------------------------->
POST  /communities/{communityId}/collections --->
POST  /communities/{communityId}/communities --->
PUT   /communities/{communityId} --------------->

POST  /collections/{collectionId}/items ------- >
POST  /collections/find-collection
PUT   /collections/{collectionId} -------------->

POST  /items/find-by-metadata-field
POST  /items/{item id}/bitstreams -------------->
POST  /items/{item id}/metadata ----------------> [JSON Only]
PUT   /items/{item id}/metadata ----------------> [JSON Only]

POST  /bitstreams/{bitstream id}/policy
PUT   /bitstreams/{bitstream id}/data ---------->
PUT   /bitstreams/{bitstream id} --------------->
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