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DSpace Replication Task Suite
The Replication Task Suite is an add-on for DSpace which allows you to more easily
replicate / backup DSpace content to another location. It utilizes the DSpace
Curation System to allow all backup/restore/auditing tasks to be performed
either via Command Line (CLI) or from the DSpace Admin User Interface.
Replication / Backup Locations
Supported Replication / Backup locations include:
* Local filesystem folder
* Mounted drive
* DuraCloud (
Backup Format
DSpace content is replicated / backed up as a set of AIPs (Archival Information Packages).
The Replication Task Suite supports two different AIP formats:
1. The DSpace AIP Format based on METS (Default)
2. A BagIt based AIP Format (Beta)
Sample Supported Actions
The Replication Task Suite allows you to backup DSpace content, restore/replace DSpace
content (from a backup), or audit your existing backup. Some sample actions included:
* Replicate / Back up either on demand (via Admin UI or CLI) or on a scheduled basis (using a cron job)
* Restore / Replace content in DSpace based on current backups (via Admin UI or CLI)
* Perform checksum audit of your replicated content (via Admin UI or CLI)
* Provide a rough estimate of the amount of storage space your AIPs will require (via Admin UI or CLI)
* Keep a running "odometer" of all Input / Output transfers (via Admin UI or CLI)
More Information
Installation documentation, configuration documentation and usage examples are all available at:
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