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DSpace Module: WebMVC User Interface

WebMVC is a user interface built for DSpace using Spring's Model-View-Controller framework to provide clean separation of concerns in the UI. Work is still ongoing, but thus far it provides all the typical features of search and browse for end-users, and most of the administrative functions are implemented. The submission process is the remaining hold-out, which we will hopefully have improvements from a GSoC Submission Enhancements to use for the implementation.

First, see the installation guide for how to enable the module.

To get the code:
git clone git@github.com:DSpace/webmvc.git

To make changes and commit locally

cd webmvc
vi some-file.java
git commit some-file.java

To push your changes back to github.
git push origin master

To pull the latest changes down to your local working copy.
git pull origin master