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FAIRDataPoint is a REST api for creating, storing and servering FAIR metadata. The metadata contents are in this api are generated semi-automatically according to the FAIR Data Point software specification document. In the current version of api we support GET, POST and PATCH requests.

Deployment machine's requirement

  • JRE 1.8
  • Tomcat 7 or higher

How to Install

Make sure your deployment machine meets the requirements listed above. Deploy the fdp.war file (download link can be found here) in your deployment machine's tomcat server. The instructions for deploying .war in the tomcat server can be found in this link.

API documentation

FAIRDataPoint (fdp) api comes with an embedded [swagger document] (, the details of api calls can be found here. To access the fdp swagger document please visit the following url via web browser


An example swagger doc uri : http://localhost:8084/fdp/swagger-ui.html

In the current implementation the REPOSITORY layer metadata is automatically created, however this metadata can be updated through PATCH calls. The metadata of other layers can be stored in the FAIRDataPoint through POST calls. The table below gives an overview of api calls allowed on different FAIR metadata layers.

Metadata layer GET POST PATCH
Repository Yes No Yes
(Example request body)
Catalog Yes Yes
(Example request body)
Dataset Yes Yes
(Example request body)
Distribution Yes Yes
(Example request body)

List of active FAIRDataPoints

Short name (dct:title) Description Location
ID card FAIR Data Point (beta) FDP containing dummified data from Biobanks and Registries Link
DTL FAIR Data Point (beta) FDP for the fairification doc (VCF); fantom5; GeneDisease/DisGeNet Link