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Welcome to the FAIR Data Point documentation wiki!

The specification moved to a separate repository at https://github.com/DTL-FAIRData/FAIRDataPoint-Spec/. This page is considered an archived version.


FAIRDataPoint (FDP) is a data repository that provides metadata and data in a FAIR way. FDP uses a REST API for creating, storing and serving FAIR metadata. FDP is a software that, from one side, allows data owners to expose datasets in a FAIR manner and, for another side, allows data users to discover information (metadata) about the offered datasets and, if license conditions allow, the actual data can be accessed.

A basic assumption for the FDP is its distributed nature. We believe that big data warehouses spanning multiple domains are not feasible and/or desirable due to issues concerning scalability, separation of concerns, data size, costs, etc. A completely decoupled and distributed infrastructure also does not seem realistic. The scenario we envision has a mixed nature, with a number of reference data repositories, containing a relevant selection of core datasets, e.g., EBI's repositories, integrated with smaller distributed data repositories, e.g., different biobanks, datasets/dababases created within the scope of research projects, etc. Many different data repositories and datasets should interoperate in order to allow increasingly complex questions to be answered. Data interoperability, however, takes place in different levels, such as syntactical and semantical. A collection of FDPs aim to address this interoperability issues by enabling data owners to share their data in FAIR manner and, therefore, fostering findability, accessibility, interoperability and reusability.

The FDP software is being initially developed as a stand-alone web application. However, the functionality/behaviour of the FDP can be also embedded in other applications to provide FAIR data accessibility to the application’s metadata and data. For instance, an existing data repository may choose to implement FDP's API and metadata content, behaving this way also as a FDP.

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