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FAF Hack Day
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FAF Hack Day


The idea of LoreSquare is somewhat similar to Foursquare (hence the name), the major difference being that a user, rather than checking-in into a place, checks-in a piece of knowledge, that belongs to a classification. The classifications were developed by Association for Computing Machinery. There are a few top categories, which are divided into subcategories (in a Tree-like structure), at the lowest level being the classifications to wich the check-in-able pieces of knowledge (a book, course, blog post, talk, etc.) belong. Every check-in of a user raises his level of expertise in the coresponding classification. The user with the highest level of expertise (expressed in rank points), is declared Mayor of this classification, untill another user with a higher rank steals this title.

Result Application

The result of the FAF Hack Day is a prototype application, with core functionalities (as well as some additional ones, like Search autocomplete). At this moment, a user can perform basic sign-in / sign-out actions, as well as sign-in using his Facebook account. On the home page, a user can show / hide his profile information, by clicking the top left button. He can also browse the different classifications, by clicking on a square and having it expand. To zoom back out of the current classification, the user must click the Up button, on the top panel. The user can also perform an autocompleted search of the classifications. He is then taken to the classification, from the top classifications (although this feature works only on a test page).

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