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Installing Modifications

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NOTE: This tutorial is intended for those that do not quite understand the installation instructions on mod's repository, or are having issues while trying to install it.

NOTE: If you get a Syntax Error when running any command, it means you are in the Python REPL. Type in exit() and then run the command again.


1. Install Python

BeautifulDiscord is created in the Python programming language, and as such you must install it. Open in your preferred web browser and download the latest version. Install Python and at the end there should be an option that says something along the lines of Add to PATH. If you don't check this, it'll make a future step slightly harder.

2. Install BeautifulDiscord

Open a command prompt/terminal, and enter python -m pip install -U, this will download and install BeautifulDiscord so that you can use it. If you did not add Python to PATH, navigate to the directory of where Python is installed and run the command.

If you get an error which says Unable to find vcvarsall.bat, you may need to download and install the Microsoft Visual C++ Compiler for Python 2.7 . If the error persists, follow the next steps.

If you get an error while installing that says something along the lines of Microsoft Visual C++ 14.0 is required, follow these steps.

A. If you do not have Visual Studio 2015 installed, go to and download the Visual C++ Build Tools 2015. When it's done installing, run python -m pip install -U again and it should work.

B. If you do have Visual Studio 2015 installed, it's a little bit harder.

  • Open up the 'Change or remove a program' dialog, and find something along the lines of Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 in the list. Double-click it and a dialog will appear. Press Modify then select Programming Languages > Visual C++ > Common Tools for Visual C++ 2015. Press Ok and wait for it to install. This'll take a while.
  • When it's finished installing, run python -m pip install -U again and it SHOULD work.

3. Apply BeautifulDiscord

Make sure that you have the version(s) of Discord that you would like to have BeautifulDiscord applied to, and in the command prompt, type python3 -m beautifuldiscord and it will generate a css file for you to edit. Alternatively, you can use python3 -m beautifuldiscord --css path/to/your.css and it'll automatically detect the open Discord instances and apply itself to them.

4. Reapplying

In the event that a Discord update causes BeautifulDiscord to unload, or it unloads in a crash, you can easily reapply it by following the instructions in step 3, as BeautifulDiscord is fairly forwards-compatible.

Opening a command prompt

On Windows

Press Windows Key + R to open the run dialog, type cmd and press Enter.

On Mac

Open Finder, Select Utilities under the Applications tab, then double-click on Terminal.

On Linux

This varies depending on what Linux distribution you are using, but if you are using Linux you should know. It is probably in your applications under System tools.


Follow the BeautifulDiscord guide, but replace beautifuldiscord with mydiscord, and use instead


NOTE: This tutorial is intended for those that do not quite understand the installation instructions on the DiscordInjections repository, or are having issues while trying to install it.

Installing DiscordInjections

1. Install git

Find your download on and install it. On Linux, check if git is not already installed, or maybe available in your package manager.

Check if it's properly installed with git --version

2. Install npm

Download node.js on or find it in your package manager, and run through installment.

Check if it's properly installed with npm -v

3. Install DiscordInjections

Run the following code in CMD/Terminal while discord is open:

git clone
cd DiscordInjections
npm install

If no errors appear in console, it should be installed correctly. The default css is stored in DiscordInjections/style.css, but can be changed by running the following in Console (Ctrl + Shift + I): _cssInjector.set("path/to/css");

Plugins can be installed in DiscordInjections/Plugins, check here for a list of pre-made plugins.


If in the npm install process you encounter an error similar to "VCBuild.exe" exited with code -1 in Windows, use the following command in Administrator:

npm install --global --production windows-build-tools


  1. Download the binary from GH releases

  2. Windows users need to add the .exe extension, this is a bug in our build system but shouldn't pose a problem

  3. Open a terminal and run ./installer --ext-asar=false or installer --ext-asar depending on your system, the installer will guide you through the installation

  4. Done! After the first startup, you should see a .discord.mods folder in your home directory. You can customize the look and feel of your client by creating the file theme.css inside that folder


Install Fails with an error relating to app.asar

You can try the more mature and stable ext-asar mode, this is the default when nothing is specified, simple replace --ext-asar=false with --ext-asar=true or omit it.

Note This requires installing node.js and the utility asar so it is available in the command line.

Install completes without error but I don't see any change

First, press Ctrl+I to open the console and check if it contains log messages from Discord.Mods.

If not, navigate to your Discord installation directory and check the app.asar has been unpacked correctly or when using the ext-asar engine, has been patched correctly. If it is unpacked but the file app.asar is still present, check that app.asar.bak exists and delete app.asar, then it should work.

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