Control any internet-enabled device by calling a phone number and pressing buttons! See the demo below:
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See the awesome game demo at See the barebones demo at There's also some basic documentation over there.

The main goal of this repo is to show you how to get the keypresses from the phone to your game in the browser. Other than that, it's probably a bad example of things. You may also want to look into something like now.js for more streamlined communication over

Let me know if I should add more, or if it is unclear. Thanks!

Getting started

Install node.js and npm

Then clone the git repo like this, install the dependencies, and start up the demo:

cd nodaphone/
git submodule update --init --recursive
npm install eyes node-static
node nodaphone.js

(I may have forgotten a dependency, in which case you will need to npm install it.)

Much thanks to these technologies and individuals: