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Website of the Dublin University Computer Science Society. This site is built with Mezzanine, which is a Python Django blog system.



First Off

Make sure you have install python-dev and python-pip before continuing To install them run:

sudo apt-get install python-dev
sudo apt-get install python-pip

Virtualenv and Dependencies

Suggested that you run the project inside a virtualenv. It isolates your global python package library from your development package library. This reduces the risk of conflicts and reduces risk of you accidentally breaking python packages across your system.

To globally install virtualenv run

pip install virtualenv

Go to the root directory of this repository and run this command to create a virtualenv


To activate the virtualenv run

source env/bin/activate

From now on any packages you install will be specific to this virtualenv. You must activate the env every time you want to install packages or run the code in this project.


You will have to setup a fake database at the start for you to dev with. The fastest way to do that is:

cd project
python manage.py sync

Running the Development Server

Running the following command will setup a simple python webserver and run Mezzanine.

python manage.py runserver 8080

To site is located at http://localhost:8080


Web server running python. Should really run on a solid database like MySQL in production and not on SQLite like in development. Having memcached installed and working in production is also a big plus.

Design info

The black is #2d2d2d, the orange is #ff8b0f, the background is #eaeaea with a white radial gradient underneath the logo and the font is PT Sans