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Sketch Plugin to quickly resize a layer with keyboard shortcuts
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Nudge Resize Sketch Plugin

Download from Compatible Sketch Version

Sketch Plugin to quickly resize the width and height of a layer through easy keyboard shortcuts.

Similar to holding 'alt' whilst resizing with the mouse; 'Nudge Resize' works the same.


⌥ alt + = Expand layer size horizontally

⌥ alt + = Condense layer size horizontally

⌥ alt + = Expand layer size vertically

⌥ alt + = Condense layer size vertically

Expand layer size horizontally Condense layer size horizontally Expand layer size vertically Condense layer size vertically

Note: Add ⇧ Shift to increase the nudge size

Expand layer size horizontally large Condense layer size horizontally large Expand layer size vertically large Condense layer size vertically large

The amount the layer resizes by is based on the user's nudge size:

  • default = 1
  • default large (shift) = 10

This means that if you change your settings with, it will respect this preference.

Why make this plugin?

Currently, you can resize a layer by using 'cmd + arrow' or 'cmd + shift + arrow', but that resizes with a fixed top, and a fixed left side — what about resizing from the centre of the layer. I would often resize a layer with these commands, then move the layer to try and re-centre the layer where it was. This plugin/script is a real time saver — I use it every day without fail.


  1. Download the plugin
  2. Double-click the file, 'Nudge Resize.sketchplugin'
  3. That's it...


This plugin is in active development.

Pull requests are welcome and please submit bugs 🐛.


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