A python wrapper for Multichain Json-RPC API
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Savoir is JsonRPC wrapper for Multichain Its heavy based on python-bitcoinrpc but adapted for Multichain server, and replacing the httplib by requests


Savoir can be installed from PyPi using pip. Enter the following command into terminal:

pip install savoir

Alternatively you can clone this public repository by entering the following command into terminal.

git clone https://github.com/dxmarkets/savoir


Once you've download the code you should install needed libs

sudo pip install -r requirements.txt

Finally just use the multichain api documentacion and make calls to the wrapper. Remember to replace the rpc variables with the information of your specific chain

from Savoir import Savoir
rpcuser = 'multichainrpc'
rpcpasswd = 'YoUrLoNgRpCpAsSwOrD'
rpchost = 'localhost'
rpcport = '22335'
chainname = 'myChain'

api = Savoir(rpcuser, rpcpasswd, rpchost, rpcport, chainname)


This package is distributed under BSD License. See LICENSE