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# explorerFilePreview
Enables Windows Explorer file preview for email files (.msg, .eml), without having Outlook installed.

## Notes
For HTML email preview, Renderer is used instead of WebBrowser (seems quite buggy).
If problems occur, discard Setup.msi and test with "Server Manager"; install both x86 and x64 (same DLL). Most times, however, one architecture seems to be enough.

### Debugging
Log mode has to be configured via srm.exe to be able to see the logs, and must be run in Server Manager via Test Shell.

### Console installation

See Codebase parameter(s).

### NuGet
For a successful install and registering, the DLLs must use "strong names", i.e. be signed. Therefore, an additional NuGet package is needed which signs MimeKit, HTML Renderer etc. after installation: StrongNameSigner.
Note this can cause issues with other NuGet packages (System.Security error etc.); in this case, temporarily uninstall the Signer.

## Other informational Links



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