The Eye, a 64 pixel grayscale imager made from CDS photocells and a Maple Mini
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64 pixel discrete grayscale imager base off the Maple Mini core By: Jonathan Zepp - @DaJMasta -

April 3, 2017 first release v1.1

ver 1.1 changes: Added auto gamma functionality Tweaked auto brightness and contrast values Changed the way auto brightness applies to be more useful

Included: the_eye - Main firmware for the maple mini - does basic image improvements, auto-calibrates the highly variable CDS sensor data, and sends it all back over serial the_eye_interface - The interface software to be run on the connected computer, displays the image, gives basic control over settings and built in lights, and reports general status and adjustment information

Dependancies: Built in Arduino iDE 1.6.5 Uses Arduino_STM32 for the maple port to the Arduino IDE

Interface built in Processing 3.0.1

For more information, pictures, and video of some of the features, the project's homepage is here: