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Little Nautilus extension created using nautilus-python, that bind any key to gloobus-preview
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What's gloobus-preview?

"Gloobus-Preview is an extension for the Gnome Desktop Environment designed to enable a full screen preview of any kind of file. It's based on Apple's Quicklook."

Extension (this project):

This extension map any key to gloobus-preview ( and create a relative menu entry in nautilus. With my extension there's no need to install patched nautilus (nautilus-elementary). Internalization support (more coming)



  • dev-python/nautilus-python
  • dev-util/pkgconfig
  • sys-devel/gettext

Other distro:

  • python-nautilus (runtime)
  • pkg-config (build time)
  • gettext (build time)


  • Write more localization (help :P )
  • Testing (more)
  • Fix Issues

For user (gentoo):

Extract provided archive and run as root:

python install

Or wait for sunrise-overlay (better)

After you can change hotkey from 'System preferences' (default hotkey is 'space') To see changes restart Nautilus:

nautilus -q
nautilus --no-desktop

For user (other)

Please wait until i'll understand ubuntu/debian --install-layout=deb option

If you can't wait use:

sudo python install --install-layout=deb

For packagers:

Build system done, email me (or fill an issue) for anything.

Walter Da Col

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