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PiggyCrates Poggit-CI Discord

PiggyCrates is a simple and customizable crates plugin, supporting an unlimited amount of crate types. It also supports vanilla and custom enchants, such as PiggyCustomEnchants.


  • Basic knowledge on how to install plugins from Poggit Releases and/or Poggit CI
  • PMMP 4.0.0+

Installation & Setup

  1. Install the plugin from Poggit.

  2. Start your server.

  3. (Optional) The config.yml file has a few options that allow you to customize your key items & crate modes (default is roulette).

  4. Open the crates.yml.

  5. PiggyCrates supports an unlimited number of crates. To define a crate, add a key crates.yourcratename.

  6. Configure your crate types. Crate types have several different properties:

    • (Optional) floating-text: Floating text that will appear above the crate type. Leave empty for no floating text.
    • (Optional) commands: Commands to be run by CONSOLE when crate type is opened. Use {PLAYER} as a placeholder for player name.
    • drops: Possible drops of a crate type. Items are defined with the properties:
      • id: Item ID
      • meta: Item Meta
      • amount: Item Amount
      • (Optional) type: Item Type
        • (Default) item: Runs all crate item commands & gives the item
        • command: Runs all crate item commands
      • (Optional) chance: Item Weight
      • (Optional) nbt: Item NBT as stringified JSON
      • (Optional) name: Item Name
      • (Optional) lore: Item Lore as string with line breaks represented as \n
      • (Optional) enchantments: Item enchantments defined like so:
         - name: "Protection"
           level: 1
         - name: "Thorns"
           level: 1
      • (Optional) commands: Commands to be run by CONSOLE if item is dropped by crate.
    • amount: Amount of drops a single crate type will give.


      # Crate type named "Example"
        floating-text: "Example Crate"
        amount: 1
        # Will run the command "/say" when opened
          - "say {PLAYER} has opened the example crate!"
          # 50% chance for 1x Diamond Sword named Sharpened Diamond Sword w/ Sharpness 5 enchantment
          # Will run the command "/tell" on drop
          - id: 276
            meta: 0
            amount: 1
            chance: 50
            name: "Sharpened Diamond Sword"
              - name: "Sharpness"
                level: 5
              - "tell {PLAYER} You got a Sharpened Diamond Sword! ;o"
          # Identical to the above drop but with a 25% chance and an Iron Sword
          - id: 267
            meta: 0
            amount: 1
            chance: 25
            name: "Sharpened Iron Sword"
              - name: "Sharpness"
                level: 5
              - "tell {PLAYER} You got a Sharpened Iron Sword! ;o"
          # 25% chance for player to get money
          - id: 266
            meta: 0
            amount: 1
            chance: 25
            name: "$2500"
            type: command
              - "givemoney {PLAYER} 2500"
  7. Restart your server.

  8. Connect to your server.

  9. Place a chest block where you intend on having a crate.

  10. Run the command /crate <crate name>

  11. Tap the target chest.

  12. Repeat with other crate types.

  13. You're done!


Command Description Permissions Aliases
/crate <crate> Changes a chest to a crate by tapping piggycrates.command.crate N/A
/key Gives a player a specific crate key piggycrates.command.key N/A
/keyall Gives all online players a specific crate key piggycrates.command.keyall N/A


Permissions Description Default
piggycrates Allows usage of all PiggyCrates features false
piggycrates.command Allow usage of all PiggyCrates commands op
piggycrates.command.crate Allow usage of all /crate commands op
piggycrates.command.key Allow usage of the /key command op
piggycrates.command.keyall Allow usage of the /keyall command op

Issue Reporting

  • If you experience an unexpected non-crash behavior with PiggyCrates, click here .
  • If you experience a crash in PiggyCrates, click here .
  • If you would like to suggest a feature to be added to PiggyCrates, click here .
  • If you require support, please join our discord server here.
  • Do not file any issues related to outdated API version; we will resolve such issues as soon as possible.
  • We do not support any spoons of PocketMine-MP. Anything to do with spoons (Issues or PRs) will be ignored.
    • This includes plugins that modify PocketMine-MP's behavior directly, such as TeaSpoon.


   Copyright 2018-2020 DaPigGuy

   Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
   you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
   You may obtain a copy of the License at

   Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
   distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
   See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
   limitations under the License.