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Simplistic & powerful crates. Supports PiggyCE
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PiggyCrates Poggit-CI

PiggyCrates is a simple, customizable, crates plugin. It supports an unlimited amount of crate types. It also supports vanilla and custom enchants, such as PiggyCustomEnchants.


  • We do not support any spoons. Anything to do with spoons (Issues or PRs) will be ignored.
  • We are using Commando virion.
    • You MUST use the pre-compiled phar from Poggit-CI instead of GitHub.
    • If you wish to run it via source, check out DEVirion.
  • Check out our installation guide at PiggyDocs.
    • Any custom enchantment plugin can be used, as long as the custom enchant has been registered to the server.
  • Check out our Discord Server for additional plugin support.
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