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You saw that server had custom enchants? Now yours does too!
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PiggyCustomEnchants Poggit-CI

PiggyCustomEnchants is an open-sourced custom enchants plugin for PMMP.

Notice - Namespace Refactor

As of v1.3.0, the namespace for PiggyCustomEnchants has been changed from PiggyCustomEnchants\Main to DaPigGuy\PiggyCustomEnchants\Main in order to comply with Poggit's C1a rule. If you currently use the API, please make sure to update accordingly. We are sorry for the inconvenience this might have caused.


Q: How do I create/use an enchanted book?
A: If you want to create an enchanted book, use the /ce enchant command on a normal book. Afterwards, you place the item you want to enchant on top of the enchanted book. It will then enchant your item.


  • We do not support any spoons. Anything to do with spoons (Issues or PRs) will be ignored.
  • You can find a list of the current custom enchants in the wiki.
    • If you want a public custom enchant to be added, you can request it to be added by submitting them to our google form. You do not need to be logged in to submit a form. If you want credit to the idea, state your username anywhere in the form.
  • We are using the libFormAPI, so there is no need to install the FormAPI plugin.
    • In other words, you must use the pre-compiled phar from Poggit-CI instead of GitHub.
    • If you wish to run it via source, check out DEVirion.
  • Are you a developer? Check out our API Documentation at PiggyDocs.
  • Check out our Discord Server for additional plugin support.
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