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Welcome to the jsGameWiki!

This is the brain for game programming with html5/canvas/javascript.

I'm trying to structure helpful sources like eBooks, videos, blogs, articles, presentations...


Part I - Here is the stuff which is really relevant to game programming with html5/canvas/javascript

Part II - Here is the stuff which is related to webdevelopment and can be useful if you want to improve your basic skills

Other Sources

First start point for good javascript resources is bebraw with his sensational jswiki.

Actually I see jsGameWiki as an addition to jsWiki for game programming topics.

A second project I'm running is webdevresources. Here i'm collecting links for web development in general.


In case you want to contribute, let's do it! Here is a place for people who whants to learn something about game programming and I'm very happy if you have some interesting sources.

Part I - Game Sources

Part II - Game Related

Game Tutorials

Javascript - Canvas


because actionscript is very similar to javascript. you can definitely take away some concepts.

Game Blogs

Blogs about gaming

Blogs about experiments / demos

Forums/News for General Game Development (no javascript)

Game Talks

Video / Audio

Presentations / Slides

Game Design

Game Services

  • Scoreoid - service for scoring lists, leaderboards, in game analytics, ...
  • Tapjs - service for scoring lists, leaderboards, ...
  • flexpi - services for gaming - stats, ingame payment, social media
  • Easywebsockets - a WebSocket client to broadcast messages to webpages

Javascript Games

Here you can learn so much

Here are some rememberable projects - but partial with compressed code

HTML5 Games

Graphics and Sound



Learning / Tutorials (HTML5 / CSS / Javascript / Gaming



Standards / Specifications / API




Compatibility /Feature Detection

HTML5 Performance


HTML5 Demos

Javascript Libraries

Library Lists

  • microJs - list of micro frameworks
  • everyJs - list of useful frameworks


  • modernizr - testing on active html5 + css features in browsers
  • stats.js - nice little tool to show fps stats
  • sprite.js - tool for sprite animation + nice demos
  • augment.js - enrich browsers with modern javascript methods (ECMA 1.8.5)
  • weinre - Remotedebugging Console: debug your iPhone, iPad, Wii etc. remotely from your PC
  • Socket.IO - supports websockets and aims to make realtime apps possible in every browser and mobile device
  • nowjs - makes realtime web apps really easy
  • Closure compiler - Compiles javascript to javascript
  • Pxxl.js - HTML5 Canvas utility to render texts in retro style and more.

Javascript Performance

Javascript Talks


Email - Newsletter

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