Some nice links, tools and articles for web development with HTML/CSS/Javascript/PHP
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Webdev Brain

As webdeveloper I see daily tons of good resources and want to share them with the community.

I tried them to categorize and give them a structure.

Type of Content

  • Concept - General view on how to design and create things
  • Standard - A defined standard for a technologie
  • Knowhow - Specific Knowhow about a specific topic
  • Learning - Here you can learn something about general concepts or technologies
  • API - API Description of a technology / standard or whatever


Must See



Software Design



Software Patterns General

Clean Code

Standards / Specifications


  • Free for Dev - Awesome Repo with list of free SaaS, PaaS and IaaS services
  • Swagger - Framework for API Specification (specify your API with yml)
  • Apiary - Framework for API Specification (specify your API with yml)
  • Mashape - API Services
  • Kong - Secure and Manage your Microservices + APIs behind Kong as infrastructure layer
  • Zapier - Service to connect different apps together
  • - A realtime node.js deployment Service
  • Deploy Bot - A service to deploy code anywhere
  • Rancher - A plattform for running containers
  • Concourse CI - Continuous Integration Platform with a streamed build pipeline

Great Resources

  • move the web forward - resources, tips for web development - initiative by paul irish, addy osmani and a lot of other respected people in the web developer scene
  • Awesome PHP Libraries
  • Superhero.js - Collection of the best ressources for Javascript
  • JavascriptOO - Collection of the best ressources for Javascript
  • Nodecloud - Collection of the best node.js ressources
  • nerdi - Collection of useful webdesign and development utilites
  • Frontend Dev Bookmarks - Huge list of awesome bookmarks for frontend development
  • DevDocs - Searchable Documentation for HTML5/CSS/JS/HTTP/...
  • Feed the Bot - Great articles about Webpage optimisation like Speed/Mobile/SEO
  • Nodecasts - Free weekly episodes around the node topic



Software Analysis / Design


  • jsbin - Javscript Editor in Browser
  • jsfiddle - Javascript Editor in Browser
  • cloud9ide - Collaborative Browser IDE for Development


Graphics / Design

  • Typecast - to create visual and semantic designs live and share the results
  • Responsify - Create online a responsive grid and download the template
  • Fontsquirrel - Handpicket free fonts, also with a @font-face generator
  • Pixlr - Pixlr is a free online photo editor. Edit, adjust and filter your images.
  • Pencil - Opensource Online GUI Prototyping Tool
  • SpriteCow - helps you get the background-position, width and height of sprites within a spritesheet as a nice bit of copyable css
  • ResponsivePx - Online tool which helps to find exact pixel sizes for responsive webdesign


  • Webpagetest - Checks a website and analyzes performance issues
  • GTMetrix - Checks different pages based on yslow and other tools and creates a report with suggestions
  • Pingdom - Checks a website and analyzes performance issues
  • Google Page Insights - Analyze the page and get tips how to improve the performance
  • Loads In - Online Test of Webpage Load time
  • Webwait - Very small tool to test website responses and compare with different websites
  • Yahoo Guideline - Knowhow
  • DOM Monster - bookmarklet, which analyzes the DOM and give you tips how to improve


Learn with Games and Challenges

  • Hackerrank - A lot of programming challenges, where you can compete against others
  • Codewars - A lot of Katas/Dojos/Challenges with Badges
  • Coderbyte - Learning - Put your programming skills to the test
  • Regex Golf - Write Regex and get as much as possible points
  • Regex Crossword - Solve Crosswords with writing regex
  • MySQL Game - Fight against others in a real mysql db with db queries
  • Dungeons and Developers - An RPG-style talent tree for web developers
  • Code Combat - Learn javascript programming with a real game, where you have to code the moves to win the battle



Articles / Slides / Video